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Hi there! I’m Sarah Lango. Ever feel like you just don’t have it all together, but you want to do better?! Yeah, me too! That’s why my desire is to provide an environment where people can choose to GROW- grow to know God, grow closer to Him, grow in marriages, grow in parenthood, and GROW knowing that there is GRACE available when we fall short.

My husband, Jonathan and I live in small town Missouri where we currently raise two adorable little ones. The life God has given us is beautiful, but O, if it’s not a journey of ups and downs along the way!

I don’t have it all figured out, in fact, my days usually look a lot like this (except I’m in my pjs):

november 21014 019



AND, some days I feel like this:

november 21014 024

(Yes, those are my kids having a major meltdown in the middle of my photo shoot)

BUT I’m wading through the waters of faith, marriage, motherhood, finances, homemaking, ministry, and all else that God throws in my path. Would you consider wading along with me?

I promise you will find transparent writing about real life, words of encouragement, scripture for your day, and tips on a variety of topics!

Start here at my home page and click on the topics to find the resources you are looking for! Don’t forget to enter your e-mail and “follow” Gracefilled Growth to receive our posts directly in your inbox!

I would love to personally connect with you. Please feel free to leave comments on any of my blog posts, find me on facebook, pinterest, or email me personally at gracefilledgrowth@gmail.com.

Let’s grow in God’s amazing grace together!

With Love,

Sarah Lango 🙂


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