31 Days of Writing

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Alright, friends, I’m SO glad you are here! I have decided to join the 31 days of writing challenge sponsored by the nester for the month of October. (OK, ok…. I missed a few days… SO let’s just say 28 days of writing 🙂

In my usual fashion I am running a little behind, feel like I bit off a bit more than was necessary, and simply may be losing my mind. BUT you all should be used to that by now.

I need some GRACE today, and my bet is that you may need some too, so join me on this journey of writing for 28 days about “Growing in Grace“. I will cover a variety of topics and roles in which we so desperately need grace.

Please take a look below! I’ll be adding new links each day as I do my best to keep on writing.

Growing in Grace for 31 (28) Days:

1. Growing in Grace: Because I Need an Abundance

2. Growing in Grace: Choosing Grace Over Judgment

3. Growing in Grace: Having a Gracious Mindset

4. Growing in Grace: Choosing Gracious Words

5. Growing in Grace: Defined By The Undone

6. Growing in Grace: Grace Amidst The Storm

7. Growing in Grace: Nothing Without Him

8. Growing in Grace: Choosing Joy in the Ordinary

9. Growing in Grace: Resting in His Grace

10. Growing in Grace: Growth Amidst the Hard Moments

11. Growing in Grace: Living a Transparent Life

12. Marriage: When I Quit Doing What I Used To Do

13. When My Keys Are Lost: Wading Through Frustration

14. Growing in Grace: Pausing For Purpose

15. Growing in Grace: Embracing Imperfection & A Giveaway!

16. Motherhood: When I’m Losing Myself

17. Growing in Grace: Giving Him All of Me

18. Growing in Grace: Wrapped Up In Me

19. When My Dreams Seem Too Far: Letting God Lead

20. A Slave To Grace: Making Grace My Excuse

21. Growing In Grace: My One Sure Thing

*** Well friends, this is the end of my 31 day writing journey. As you can see, I did not complete 31 (or even 28) posts, BUT I learned a lot and I pray that God may use some of one He taught me to encourage you on your journey of Growing in Grace. God Bless!***




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