When God Says NO


Recently, my 3 month old daughter had a seizure.

It was terrifying.

BUT, I prayed and deep in my heart I believed this would never happen again. MY mind never even went there. This was a crazy fluke one-time thing.

And that was that. Faith. That’s what I called it.

Then, it happened. Seizure #2.

So what happens now, in these moments when we desperately pray and we believe with our whole hearts, and still God does not answer?

What about my grandpa, who died early, even though I urgently begged God and believed that he would be healed on this earth?

And, what about my friend Matt, who got in a car accident and is parlayed from the waist down, even though I have cried out to God for his healing hundreds of times?

And, what about that little boy I know who died of brain cancer, even though I prayed believing my God could heal his broken body?

And, that girl I went to high school with whose medical tests came back with worse case scenario results, instead of the answer I had been praying for?

I mean, my list could go on and on.

SO, what now?

What happens in those moments when you have prayed your guts out and your faith is so big you just know God will do what you ask…. But then, He doesn’t?

I will be honest and say it’s an extremely hard place to be. Because I know the Scripture about asking in faith and receiving, And the verse that says if you have faith, even the tiniest amount, you can tell the mountain to move and God will move it.

I’ve heard the sermons. Read the books.

But, here I am. The answer that I asked for slid right through my fingers and I’m left standing before my maker with empty hands.

To be honest, I don’t get it. I don’t understand the WHY.

So, now, what do I say about this God that I serve? The One who didn’t do what I thought He would.

If you’ve been in this situation where you asked, and you believed, and then you were left stunned by the response God gave, you know that there isn’t a good answer.

I could get mad. Try to reason. Cry my heart out. Get discouraged. All of which I have done already.

And then, I can say this of my God. I trust Him. I don’t understand Him. I wish with all my heart He would have answered the way I wanted Him to.

Regardless, I trust Him.

Why? I guess because I KNOW Him. I KNOW His love. I KNOW the way He graciously and intricately has planned out my life, each of our lives. I KNOW that He is GOOD, and faithful. I know that I am only getting the smallest glimpse of the big picture story that is being written.

SO, today, if you are like me, and you asked, but God said no, or not yet, or I’m doing something else instead, I encourage you to trust Him. Get mad, cry, tell Him you’re frustrated. BUT then, TRUST HIM.

Psalm 33:4 “For the word of the Lord is right and true. He is faithful in all He does.”


2 thoughts on “When God Says NO

  1. you are in good company with Paul aren’t you? i go back to his words in II Corinthians 12:7-10 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Corinthians+12%3A7-10&version=ESV
    i was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 20. fortunately, medication was able to keep it controlled most of the time and my life has been mostly normal. GOD didn’t choose to take it away. the same goes for Joni E. Tada who has been paralyzed for over 40 years.

    one thing i have learned is that GOD shows HIs power through our weakness. it makes no sense. it isn’t logical, but in GOD’s economy, His kingdom is totally upside down isn’t it?

    trusting GOD doesn’t mean much if He does what we expect and want. When His answers are different from what we would like? that is the test of our faith and trust in Him. But He knows what truly is best for us…and our children. obviously it doesn’t feel best, but you will come to know Him better and He will be glorified most with the answer He is giving. learning to trust Him in the process will strengthen you faith in Him!

    praying for you and your little girls in the days ahead!


  2. I’ve been in this place many times over the last few years. I keep telling myself that He is good, He’s a good Father and will never forsake me. I feel low sometimes, but I know that God loves me. I don’t understand but He knows what is best. Praying your little one does not have any more seizures.


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