My Picture (Im)Perfect Easter


Yesterday was Easter, and we all know what that means. Aside from the obvious true meaning behind Easter, it means cute little kids dressed in their new Easter attire, with adorable bows and shiny shoes and big smiles for their annual Easter picture.

Like most moms, I woke up yesterday morning with the intention of dressing my children in their “Easter best”, hair fixed, fancy shoes, and taking a beautiful picture that I could look back on for years to come. But then, LIFE.

Life happened.

It was cold and rainy, so the outfits I had planned for my kids had to be modified in order to accommodate the temperature.

I woke up late, and then listened to my husband’s alarm clock go off for another 20 minutes as I slowly grew more frustrated that he was waking up even later. Before we were even out the door I had snapped at Him.

My kids were tired. They would have loved to sleep in through the dark, dreary morning, but instead I drug them out of bed and dressed them while they were still bleary eyed and half asleep.

And then, we pulled into church later than we had planned and I had responsibilities; music I needed to run through, and people I needed to talk to.

The baby needed to nurse and my other kids wanted their mommy.

The church service started and before I knew it, it was over. And no Easter picture had been taken.

My kids were now more exhausted; their hair was no longer neatly fixed. My 2 year old was half way undressed, my 4 year old was having a meltdown and the baby, the baby had spit up all over her adorable Easter dress. AND, there still was no Easter picture.

You see, I wanted a picture perfect Easter. The picture of my 3 well groomed children, decked out in their new Easter attire, sitting still, beaming with joy, hugging each other close.

Cause, obviously, that’s what Easter is about right?

That’s when I realized that Easter is a lot more about the kind of picture I would have taken. JESUS is a lot more about my un-picture perfect Easter.

My mess. The chaos of my life. The parts that don’t look “picture perfect” because they definitely are NOT. My messy kids, the ones who sometimes punch their sibling in the face instead of hugging them close, the ones who grow overwhelmed and have meltdowns instead of always beaming with joy, the ones who are sometimes disobedient and undress themselves during church, rather than being nicely put together in their Easter attire.

My disordered heart that gets frustrated and weary, and sometimes leads to snappy remarks or negative thoughts.

The mess that I am. That’s where Easter finds meaning. Because in my “picture perfect” day, I have it all together on my own. But, in the reality that is my mess, I desperately need some help. I desperately need a Savior. And, the mess that are my kids reveal their humanity, that they too desperately need a Savior.

God embraces my mess. He doesn’t need the façade that would be my Easter picture because He already sees my heart. My failings as a mom, and as a wife, and as an imperfect human being.

So, no matter if your Easter picture was perfect, or if your kids were screaming, or if you didn’t get a picture at all, today , in the mess that is your life, remember JESUS.

He’s in the business of redeeming our messes.

Mark 2:17 …”It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”



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