Motherhood: Doing the Undone


The early morning cry of kiddos falls upon my ears, as I pull the covers away from my face. I grasp for the clock on my night stand, 6:30 am. It’s time. And so, I get up and begin my day, a day that is like most.

The tasks that need to be done await me, so, I begin to do.

I fill sippy cups that will soon enough need to be filled again.

I clean and fold laundry that will only in a matter of time be piled upon the floor once more.

I await the moment when the kids are asleep to pick up the mess, that will surely be messy mere minutes after they awake.

I cook and serve meals. And, I clean up the mess, just in time to start preparing another meal to serve.

I sweep floors that will appear clean only for a short time, and I’ll get up tomorrow, find my old tattered broom and sweep again.

I take out overflowing bags of trash that will be filled to the brim again.

And, so I begin to think.

I am a doer of the undone. I wake up today and I accomplish my tasks, all things that will again need to be completed tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that.

I do the undone. I do it again, and again, and again. I do it, and then it is undone once more, and I feel my heart coming undone as well, as I begin to ponder.

“What is the purpose?” I think as I observe what I do being undone another time.  “What is my purpose?” I begin to question who I am, and what I do, and if it matters.

“What accomplishment is there in this? What meaning? Is all my work useless, worthless?” O, how my heart wanders in the monotony of these days.

Yes, we must have clean clothes to wear, and dishes to eat from.

But, there is more than that.

For some reason or another, my God has called me here. To this place. Not just to sweep the floor, and do the laundry. Not just to pick up toys and serve the food. No, the task is much greater than that, I remind myself. I am shaping lives, teaching lessons, instilling principles.

My job is important.

STILL, doing the undone is a large part of my tasks today. And, the Lord has called me here.

So, what must I do? What must you do, in the midst of these mundane, everyday tasks that will soon enough need to done again?

I must love the Lord amidst the undone. I must serve Him with each cup I fill, and meal I cook, and toy I pick up. I must glorify Him by the work of my hands today, even the work that will be undone tomorrow.

He sees my heart in the midst of my doing, so today, I do for Him.

He looks down on me as I sweep up those cracker crumbs and fold those towels.

He knows. He sees you in the midst of your tasks today too.

So, let us not see it as just another day of doing what will be undone. Let us see it as an opportunity, an opportunity to love the Lord and to love our families, even as we clean the mess once more.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

With Love,

Sarah Lango


4 thoughts on “Motherhood: Doing the Undone

  1. I think it is also important to remember that we GET to do those mundane necessary tasks. Changing our perspective to see these tedious chores not as something unremarkable but as a marvelous Blessing can make motherhood take on a whole new meaning. Motherhood tests our everything right down to our very soul. When we choose to have the perspective that everything is a BLESSING our actions and attitude bring our hearts closer to God, it strengthens our love for OUR maker, and it helps us to create bonds of faith that cannot be broken even as face many challenging times (and those never ending chores are very challenging on our minds and bodies). God tests our hearts and our minds. He wants to know our true attitudes toward Him when motherhood gets hard and overwhelming (Jeremiah 12:3 a and Jeremiah 17:9-11). Learning to see the monotonous acts of motherhood as a BLESSING is so so hard but knowing that God is refining our love, faith, hope, obedience, surrender and trust in HIM is glorious!


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