My Calloused Eyes: The Rich Man and The Poor Man

stop light

As the stop light turned red and my car came to a halt, my eyes wandered from side to side.

On both corners, there stood a person. A soul.

One street corner displayed a woman, dressed in fancy designer jeans (you know the ones that I can never bring myself to splurge for), a nice tweed jacket, and fashionable high heeled boots. Jewelry adorned her appearance and her arm was weighed down by the “Coach” shopping bag from the strip of shops down the street.

On the other corner, I observed quite the opposite. A man. One who appeared to be very poor. He modeled clothes that were tattered and dirty and his arm too was weighed down. In one arm he held a bag with what appeared to be his possessions. In the other arm he held a beggars sign, “HELP please” is all it read.

As my eyes glanced in each direction, my mind began to wander.

A poor man, and a rich man (or woman in this case).

My heart immediately jumped to conclusions.

First about the woman, who had likely spent more money that day at the Coach store than I currently have in my bank account. I thought about her life, how nice it must be to have such fancy possessions. Her life must be full of contentment, and money, and things. “What a fun life to have?” I thought.

And then the man, the one who appeared to be homeless. But, was he? There are so many scammers out there these days. He might have more money than me. Why doesn’t he find a job? I could help him, but I have no cash on me, and besides that, what if he ends up being some crazy murderer who jumps in my car, and that would be that.

My mind raced through the scenarios until the light turned green again.

You see, my heart and my eyes have grown calloused. The ways of this world, of the society that we live in, have began to shape the way I think.

As I eased my foot down upon the gas pedal, the Lord reminded me of what these two have in common. They are people- people that He, the Almighty God, created.

Both are broken.

Both are likely struggling with something in their lives.

Both need to know the love of Jesus.

But, my clouded eyes saw money, or lack thereof. I saw shiny, nice clothes, or dirty old ones. I saw a good life, and a bad life. Happiness, and discontentment.

My conclusions were drawn simply by gazing upon the appearance of these two people, who truthfully, I knew absolutely nothing about.

Rather that woman was wealthy or in debt.

Rather that man was poor or a fraud.

Rather the life each lived was one lacking or one overflowing.

Both have this in common: They need Jesus. They need His love and His hope and His compassion.

Today, may my eyes gaze upon others with clear vision. The vision to see God’s creation. The vision that draws my heart to compassion, and love, and action.

And, your eyes too!

Colossians 3:12 “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”

With Love,

Sarah Lango


3 thoughts on “My Calloused Eyes: The Rich Man and The Poor Man

  1. Oh Sarah I so get this. I think it is sooo easy for our eyes to become calloused and jump to the conclusions we jump to. I’ve learned to carry meal cards in my car so that at least I know they are getting a meal and not using the money for a negative purpose. We also send them to our homeless coalition because they work with the homeless every day. I hope that my eyes can become less calloused though and are more clear.


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