Evoking a Thankful Heart & The Easiest DIY Thankful Tree EVER



thankful tree 2

It’s November, and “thankful” everything fills our society. Social media is blown up by updates from people sharing their thankful statuses or thankful photos. Pinterest is overflowing with “thankful” craft ideas and the stores are cluttered with Thanksgiving décor. BUT, often we are lacking a thankful heart.

I don’t know about you, but in the midst of this “thankful” month I have had many days of discontentment. I have lacked the gratitude that this month represents.

It’s important to remember that a thankful heart is not circumstantial. It is not something that exists only in the midst of a life lacking struggle, heartache, and frustration. A thankful heart is a lifestyle choice. A choice we make even on the hard days, even on the days where discontentment takes root in our lives, even on the days of crisis.

SO, I want a thankful heart. And I made the choice to have a thankful heart. BUT truthfully I needed a daily reminder; something I could see with my own eyes each day, an action I could take that would evoke that attitude of gratitude.

Maybe you need a reminder too?

And, in the midst of that, I wanted to help my kids understand the choice of having a thankful heart. They are little, but their hearts too often lack thanksgiving.

SO, I made a thankful tree. I’m SO not a cute crafty DIY girl (although many days I wish I was). If you’re like me do something to remind yourself daily. It does NOT have to be fancy. It could simply be starting a thankful list in a notebook, verbally telling a friend or spouse daily what you are thankful for, or you COULD make the easiest thankful tree ever, like I did.

Check it out below! AND choose a thankful heart today!

thankful tree 4

My 3 year old daughter is thankful for princesses… and butterflies… and babies… and candles… and lots of other random things that I often forget to say “thank you” for.


What you need: A vase, clear marbles, construction paper, craft string, a pen, and a tree branch.

  1. Fill vase with marble (or pebbles) and insert the PERFECT tree branch. (fyi I initially used acorns to fill my vase, it was adorable until they started sprouting worms… maggots maybe?! Yeah, not a pleasant discovery at the dinner table so you may steer clear of that one)
  2. Using a real leaf from your yard, trace on fall colored construction paper to make a pattern for your leaves. Trace and cut out as many leaves as you’d like.
  3. Punch small whole in construction paper leaf and loop a short piece of string (2-3 inches).

NOW, each day take the time to write down 1 thing you are thankful for on a leaf and add it to your tree (tree branch in this case).Now you have a simple reminder each day to pause and be thankful! And, watching the tree fill with leaves is SO fun!

It's just a stick and some construction paper, but it represents our thankful hearts.

It’s just a stick and some construction paper, but it represents our thankful hearts.

What are you doing to evoke a thankful heart this November?! I would love to hear your ideas and what you are thankful for today!

With an attitude of gratitude,

Sarah Lango


5 thoughts on “Evoking a Thankful Heart & The Easiest DIY Thankful Tree EVER

  1. Cute tree. I post a series on my blog called Sunday Blessings. It reminds me of the blessings/ things I am thankful for throughout the week. I have the blogger app on my phone so I can write them down as I think of them.


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