Growing In Grace: My ONE Sure Thing

picture of cross

God, You are the one sure thing I know.

Some days, I can’t look past this fog of life to remember what my purpose is. I can’t remember. I can’t seem to see past the trivial tasks in front of me. I lack direction. I lack understanding.

Some days, I feel alone, like no one TRULY knows this heart of mine. I long to be seen. I long to be known.

Some days, my dreams seem too big. I feel incapable. How could I REALLY do anything of worth?

At times, I become a doubter. I doubt my life, my identity, my goals, my relationships. Sometimes, God, I even doubt you.

At times, I am indecisive. My mind and heart shift like the shadows upon the weary ground.

Some days, I forget who I am. I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. I allow satan to whisper lies into my heart.

Lord, some days, I cry out for you to change me and grow me and help me. And, other days, I beg that you stop. Because I cannot take the stretching that the growth requires. Because I cannot take the painful chipping away that is necessary for change.

Most days, every day, I fall short. I let others down. I let myself down. I do things that I regret and I say things that I regret. I am broken.

God, You are my ONE SURE THING.

When I doubt my purpose, and I doubt my value, You are my one sure thing.

When I can’t remember who I am, and my dreams seem too distant, and I begin to doubt my relationships, You are my one sure thing.

When NO ONE else really sees me, or truly knows me, You are my one sure thing.

The ONE who sees my shifting heart, my doubting mind, my broken spirit, and still loves.

The ONE who will never leave me or forsake me, who sees my future when I cannot see it.

The ONE who truly defines me.

You, O God, amidst all my doubt, and trials, and shortcomings, YOU are my ONE SURE THING.

Thank you.

***Today is my final post in the 31 Day writing challenge series “Growing In Grace”. I did not have the words to write today. I thought about my journey this month with varying emotions, BUT this is the Prayer I wrote to God today, and I think it pretty well sums it up. Thanks for following me on this 31 day journey!***




4 thoughts on “Growing In Grace: My ONE Sure Thing

  1. Sarah, I love the words that were given to you to write, this final day. He is my One sure thing, as well. Loved this – I need to be reminded of that each day. No matter what, He IS!


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