A Slave to Grace: Making Grace My Excuse

What is grace? How do you see grace as an active part of your life?

I talk about grace a lot. Because, I need it A LOT. Because without the grace that God showed me, I am nothing. I want to live out grace to others, to spread it around freely, just as I have been given.

And still, some days, I make grace what it is not. “Grace” becomes my list of excuses. And suddenly I am a slave to the very thing that I was set free from to begin with. This “grace” becomes misdefined and misused and misunderstood. And, I am no longer free because of grace; I am enslaved to the excuses that my new definition of grace has formed.

Surely I am not the only one. Not the only one to ever misuse this perfect gift. To abuse the grace that I have so generously been given.

It’s my excuse.

My excuse to say those words that I KNOW I shouldn’t say. To speak the vulgar, and the hateful, and the unnecessary.

My excuse to partake in that activity- just this 1 time.

My excuse to slowly let my footing slide down the slope that I know will lead to destruction.

An excuse to allow yourself to do whatever it is that your flesh is prone to do.

Because after all, there’s GRACE. And, my friend, there IS grace.

And, it is sacred. It is beautiful. It is the greatest gift I have ever been given. This sacrificial grace that my Heavenly Father so freely offered me. It literally took the life of another.

I fear that we have made grace what it is not. We have shaped this sacred word into something it was never intended to be, an excuse.

An excuse to stay chained to that sin that has entangled us and threatens to destroy our very lives.

An excuse to live in slavery to those actions that are sucking the very life-giving freedom out of our bodies.

I am convicted as I write.

Grace is not mine to define. It is not a tool that God has given so that I can keep on walking in my sin. It is not an excuse for me to live enslaved to my flesh.

Rather, it is a call to action. A call to move forward, and to grow, and to change. NOT because I have to. NOT because I want others to think highly of me, but because I am allowing God to transform me, from the inside out.

Along this journey of growth, I will fall short. Inevitably there will be that moment when my flesh wins and I give into that temptation. I will mess up. AND then, there is grace.

Grace is still there.

And, it is my reminder and my reason to get up and keep going. It will no longer be my excuse to live a slave.

Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”


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