Growing In Grace: Giving Him All of Me


Today I was going to write a short heartwarming post about having a thankful heart. That’s what I wanted to write. It’s what would be easy, and people could read it and say “O, that’s nice.”

But sometimes, God asks me to write about the hard stuff instead. The stuff that I don’t really want to confess to the world. Yet, here I am.

I am one of those people who would say that I love the Lord with ALL my heart. My desire is to passionately follow Him. And still, there are parts of my heart and my life that I try to withhold.

There is this one specific area in my life that I personally have struggled to let go of. My money.

If you ask me to show up at church to minister or serve, I’m there. You can have my time, my effort.

If you need a place to host an event or a Bible study, my house is open.

If you need someone to pray with you, I got ya covered.

I’ll take food to the sick. I’ll visit those in the hospital. I’ll help in the nursery or at Sunday school. And, you better believe I’ll lead worship any day of the week. My talents are available.

In fact, if you need a mechanic or a fishing guide, I may even volunteer my husband’s time and talents.

BUT, when it comes to taking that cash out of my wallet or writing out that check and physically giving it away. Giving it to my church or to that ministry. Giving it to the poor. Giving it, well, really for anything, I just don’t want to. AT ALL.

I cry out “Jesus, take all of me”…. But the reality is I’m really meaning “Jesus, take all of me, EXCEPT my money… You can have it all, just don’t take my wallet!”

Still, in my heart, I know that God has called me to GIVE. God has called me to have a heart of generosity.

He does not want just pieces of my life, only the parts that come easily for me. He wants every part of me.

So, I had to make a choice, a choice to trust Him with my money. To give EVEN when I don’t feel like it.

Proverbs 28:22 says, “The stingy man is eager to get rich, and is unaware that poverty awaits Him.”

I don’t want to be the “stingy” man talked about in Proverbs. Not with my time, or my efforts, or my talents, or my possessions, OR even my money!

My friend, what part of your life are you holding back from the Lord today? It may be your money as in my case, or it very well may be something totally different.

Give Him all of you. And, choose to trust Him today.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…”


4 thoughts on “Growing In Grace: Giving Him All of Me

  1. Thank You! Words I needed to hear. As a single woman who has a hard time living on her paycheck, it’s especially hard to give my money to God. Yet I need to trust in God so I’m going to start with small steps and give more to God. I think in the end I will be blessed!


    • Tara, thank you for reading! We all have to start somewhere, but the Lord has given me such peace in my heart since I have made the decision to trust Him with everything, even my money. You can do it 🙂


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