Growing in Grace: Embracing Imperfection & A Giveaway!


Slowly glancing over I observed my friend as she dug deep into the beautifully adorned goody bag sitting at her place on the table. Pushing the slivers of hot pink tissue paper to the side, she pulled out a bracelet. The metal plate on the front displayed these two words typed in plain black ink “Embrace Imperfection”.

Immediately I knew I too NEEDED that bracelet, and so I began a search. I quickly headed to the table near me with empty place settings to search for a goody bag with that same prize. And, I found it.

“Embrace Imperfection”.

My heart so often needs to hear those words. My weary soul needs to be reminded.

You see, I am a perfectionist. I have been for as long as I can remember. If you asked me about myself, I would likely describe to you a pretty mediocre individual.

I can do many things, but I can do none of them perfectly, therefore, I fail.

In high school, basketball was my sport of choice. I loved the game, and as I got older I worked really hard to be the best that I could be, BUT many games I can remember recalling the shots that I didn’t make, rather than the ones that I did.

As I go throughout my day to day life I have often held on to this outlook. Many times I dwell on the things I didn’t get accomplished, the areas in which I wish I could have done more, the characteristics in my life that seem to fall a little short. And somehow I forget about all that has been done, all that God is doing in me.

“Embrace Imperfection”.

God is still working on me.

And, until that glorious day when I go home to be with him, I will be imperfect. I will fall short.

But, He sees beauty in my imperfection.

After all, He is the maker of this imperfect heart.

So, today, I choose to embrace imperfection. In myself. In others. And, then I say “Thank you Father, for you do not give up on me, even in the midst of my short comings. “

Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”


**I was able to get my hands on an extra “Embrace Imperfection” bracelet and will be giving it away to one lucky reader at the end of this week! All you have to do is leave a comment in order to be entered for your chance to win!**

embrace imperfection


40 thoughts on “Growing in Grace: Embracing Imperfection & A Giveaway!

  1. Oh, what a lovely sentiment to hold onto for those days where things are so very imperfect! I can see why you wanted one for yourself! I’m so glad that yours was one of the blogs I get to read for our 31 Dayers group!


  2. This is a message I need to remind myself often too.My imperfection has been a huge witness to some of my friends and family. I am a teacher and giving myself the permission to not know it all every second or to make a mistake every once in a while has been refreshing (and good for my students to see too!) Thanks for the giveaway as well.


  3. I also looked through the little gift bags to find the “right bracelet”. Except that I thought I was the only one who did and I felt guilty. I feel guilty a lot. I kind of carry it around like a martyr and wallow in it for good measure. I’m the opposite of perfectionism because I can’t really see me doing anything perfectly or even close. So I didn’t look for one that said embrace imperfection, cause I overdo that one. I found one that said “capture life’s moments”. I’m the paparazzi in the family and I almost like that role. Nothing to feel guilty about in that, right?


    • It’s great that you capture the moments in your families life Cathy! We are all imperfect, and if you’ve already embraced that then you are one step ahead of me. (Also glad I’m not the only one who dug through the goody bags haha)


  4. I am definitely a perfectionist. If I can’t do it perfectly, I throw it out. And if I get constructive criticism, I feel like a failure because I should have known the correct way to do it in the first place! That bracelet is just too sweet!


    • We all fall short! I am slowly learning that holding on to my imperfection in carrying it around with me as guilt does not benefit me or anyone, but when I embrace my imperfections I allow other’s to see Jesus at work in me. He’s still working on us 🙂


  5. Funny that I am reading your message about embracing imperfections today. I just realized that I forgot to remove my preview from the #write31days Facebook string and it posted a picture of me looking totally freaked out on a ferris wheel. Ugh. Embracing imperfection with a glass of wine tonight!


  6. Honestly ladies! I can not tell you how my heart swelled with more joy than you will ever know reading this blog and comments! I am gonna be real here….. I stayed up late surfing the internet trying to find the perfect sayings for bracelets to hopefully get a small point across for our ladies night! I ended up driving to 2 stores to get enough pieces to make the bracelets. So each lady will be able to pick the perfect one that says something in their heart. I worked long hours tieing every single knot on 72 bracelets! I write this with tears in my heart knowing that it worked! That is all I wanted from the entire night! To let each woman know they were special and loved! My hands cramped for days from tieing knots. But reading this….. it was all worth it! I am happy that you dug in the boxes to find the perfect one that fits you! So dont feel bad! Thats what I wanted each one of you to do! Can’t wait until our next ladies night…… I already have so many surprises in the works! 😀


    • Awem Stephanie, I am so glad you read this! What you did made a difference to people. We are so thankful for the time and energy that you put unto all the little details. To think, that two simple words on a bracelet really DOES make a difference. It made a difference to me! Love you! (And now I feel less guilty for digging through the goody bags) 🙂 (O and Riley swiped an extra, I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be giving it away to one of my readers?!)


  7. I can SO relate! I actually have a necklace with those same life giving (but hard to live) words! I wear it all the time, especially on days when all I feel is the mess and I need to find the beauty in it. What a fabulous giveaway!


  8. I Am enjoying reading your words..blesses my heart because we all have these same thoughts and emotions, but you can put it down on paper and make it seem ok!! Love you sister in Christ.


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