Growing in Grace: Living a Transparent Life


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Every Tuesday morning I invite and welcome a group of ladies into my home. And, in doing so, they are also invited into my life. My real life. The one I usually live day to day when no one else is looking.

They get a small glimpse of real me.

Often times I greet these women at the door, messy hair plopped upon my head, no or little makeup, cup of coffee in hand, and a smile (well, at least most day the smile is still intact).

Generally, I’m still in my PJs, or some version of comfy clothes that I threw on quickly knowing that I would soon hear a knock at the door.

They get to see my home, sometimes clean, sometimes straightened, and sometimes a mess. They see that my house is not perfect and they know that my microwave is not clean.

These ladies are in my home as I interact with my children, some days in the gentle loving way that I strive for, and some days not so much. Many times they have watched as my 3 year old throws a tantrum and must be taken to time out. Many times they have cuddled my babies when my hands were too full to do so. Some days they likely agree with the way I deal with my children, and some days they may not.

And, more than that, these ladies know many of my confessions. They have heard me spill the dirt about my failures as a wife, the difficult days in my journey of motherhood, the times I say things that I wish I wouldn’t- and some days they have even witnessed these moments.

The real me. Not the me that people would often see at an event or at church or on a night out. Not the me, who has put on my nice clothes, and my face of makeup, and fixed that mess of hair. Not the me who knows others are watching.

But the real me. The one who lives in my home each day.

Here’s the thing,when I initially had the thought to open up my home for a women’s Bible study each week I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Because I knew they would see me. The me with a messy house, and misbehaving kids. The me who is often still scrambling to be prepared when people start to arrive. The me who sometimes has bad days, frustrating days.

The me who is not perfect; the one who does not have it all together.

I thought maybe I would let other’s down or maybe they would be discouraged to know that the real me isn’t quite as perfect as they thought.

But, the truth is in living a transparent life, not just Tuesday mornings, but everyday as I go about my business, I have found that others are encouraged. I have found that others are hopeful.

In allowing people to know the real me, they are then freed to be the real them, imperfections and all.

Because the truth is none of us are perfect. We are all in this together. We are all trying to do better and be better, but we all fall short.

And, the truth is when I break through the persona of perfection I allow others to begin to see not just me, but Jesus working in me.

So, my friend, today I am calling you out. I’m calling you out to live a life of transparency, so that others may know the real you and begin to see Jesus at work in you.

What steps could you take today to begin living a more transparent life?

Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”



8 thoughts on “Growing in Grace: Living a Transparent Life

  1. When you invite people to see the real you, you give them permission to come as their real selves, too. And THAT is were community is born and women are made brave and God is most beautifully glorified. Thank you for the reminder and the example.


  2. I love this so much! I hosted a group of women in my home for over 12 years and the Lord asked me to stop and join a new group that meets in a church and it was hard to let that go, but I get to meet a whole new group of women who I get to ‘see’ and who get to really ‘see’ me too! I gave up on Perfectionism long, long, LONG ago! Great post! I am visiting from our 31Dayers fb group!


  3. YESSSSSS love love love love love. Your title/link caught my eye again as I scanned through the list in 31days 🙂 I love your heart…and I’d love to sit and talk over coffee one day cause I think we’d enjoy ourselves 🙂


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