Growing in Grace: Defined By The Undone

My blurry eyes look down to scan the white lined paper laying amidst the mess on my kitchen table. Each line filled with sloppy black ink jotted in the dawn of the morning. The words on the page seem to glair back at me in anger. My to-do list.

A list full of errands that needed o be run, household chores that were over due, notes that I felt lead to write, and phone calls that had to be made. The list was long, and very few items had been crowned with that accomplishing check mark.

As I read through each line on the list I am reminded of all the things that did not get done today. I am reminded of the ways in which I fell short of my plans and my goals. “This day has been a waste,” I tearfully breathe out the words that have been stirring in my heart.

In my humanness, I so unintentionally desire for that to-do list to define me. AND, some days I allow it to do just that.

On the good days, that definition of accomplishment feels great! I achieved something. I can be proud of myself. BUT, what about on the days like today? Days where the kids need more of me than my scheduling had planned and somehow the minutes drip by and then I am here, looking at this to do list that is undone, and then I come undone also.

But, the truth is, it is JUST a list, and by all means, a list that I wrote, with expectations that I set.

So, I will no longer be defined by my to-do list. Not on the good days, and NOT on the bad days. Because I know the truth. The truth is that I have done my best today and that my best honors the Lord, even when it does not seem like much to man. The truth is that even in the midst of all the things left undone, I am still complete in Christ. In the midst of my unfinished work, He is working.

And, I remember His grace.

It is His grace that defines me, a supernatural, unbelievable gift that has set me free and made me who I am. I am His, and I am covered in His grace.

My friend, what is defining you today? Is it that undone to-do list, or the hateful comment from an acquaintance, or maybe just the unrealistic expectations that you have in such a burdensome way laid upon yourself?

Today, remember who you REALLY are. Allow yourself to be defined through your Savior; the One who is in you, abounding in grace, enough to cover your unfinished work and your unmet expectations.

His grace is enough, and you are covered.

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”


7 thoughts on “Growing in Grace: Defined By The Undone

  1. Such a great reminder! I am also participating in the Write 31 Days challenge and some days it seems really difficult but then I remind myself that this isn’t what life is about, so if the post doesn’t happen, that’s okay! I can give myself grace


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