Growing in Grace: Because I Need an Abundance


Autumn trees in Pillnitz Park in Dresden by Bert Kaufmann


Today I look at myself. I look at my surroundings, my home, my work. I look at the people in my life- my kids, my husband, and those random strangers who I meet in passing as we do life.

I’m sure there are many beautiful things, but I see the things that aren’t quite “good enough”.

I glance around to see the stacks of dishes in the sink that are still waiting to be washed and the house that I SWORE I just cleaned, dirty again. I see the decorations on the wall and I wish I would have put in more effort, printed out those new family portraits, had more time to devote to making my house what I wish it would be.

I think about my blog, the writing that I SO truly believe God has called me to, and I see the shortcomings. If only I were more technically educated. AND, I’m running behind. I’m always running behind, after all, this post was intended to go up days ago. And, sometimes I feel like nobody is reading my words, and I blame myself. I need to work harder, do more, get it done better and more quickly.

And then there is that lingering negative response I haphazardly blurted off to my husband in the midst of my running about and feeling stressed. “Maybe I am not a good wife” I think. I begin to compare myself to others and again, I don’t quite measure up.

And, my kids, they are misbehaving today. Like, REALLY misbehaving. As hard as I try to keep it together, I feel the crazy mom coming out, and I don’t like it. Maybe I am not disciplining well enough. Maybe I am not being consistent enough.

Maybe I am just not enough.

The truth is I don’t measure up.

I fall short every day. Every. Single. Day.

And, today is no exception.

Surely I am not the only one who has days like today!

Have you, my friend?

Today, I need grace. And, I need a lot of it!

I sit back and I soak it in…because I know God’s grace is abundant. More than I could ever use up.

And, I am so thankful because I need it today. I need His abounding grace to wash over me. Of course, just as He promised, it does.

In this moment, I remember, it’s not about me. Not on good days, or on bad days, or especially not on the overwhelming days like today. It’s not about me, but about His grace in me.

His unending, abounding, sufficiently amazing grace.

So, soak it in my friend. When you fall short, His grace is enough.

2 Corinthians 12:9 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”


10 thoughts on “Growing in Grace: Because I Need an Abundance

  1. I have days like this all the time! Especially lately putting in so many hours at work and not being able to get done at home what needs done or getting frustrated with the kids when I’m not even home all day. I have to sit back and remind myself all I was given in this life and how lucky I am and even when everything seems to be falling apart and can’t catch up for anything I have to remember how blessed I am! It came out this morning as I sat in the church and talked to someone while they were preparing some free diapers for me and asking me if the diapers help our family and how. Brought myself to tears telling her how much it helps and another reason why I am blessed…great people in the community helping me with my parenting! Couldn’t do it without everyone else and it’s truly awesome!


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