Marriage: When it Gets Messy & Grace is Needed


Grace. It’s such a beautiful word. A word that I need so desperately. Something I must cling to day by day, often, moment by moment. Grace.

When grace is played out in real life it is such a beautiful display of what Christ did for us. Grace. He gave it freely, no strings attached.

SO, why is it that in marriage when the going gets tough, we often overlook the option of grace? Grace is suddenly a naïve idea for another situation. It becomes unrealistic, old fashioned, and definitely not a popular societal choice. AND, might I add, our spouse certainly DOES NOT deserve grace. RIGHT?!

Well, my friend, the truth is we all fall short. You and I, we don’t DESERVE grace either, but our Heavenly Father loved us so deeply that He saw fitting to bestow his unlimited unmerited grace upon us.

What if we did the same for our spouse?


New York Times best-selling Author, Darlene Schacht, paints a beautiful picture of true grace played out in real life in her NEW book Messy Beautiful Love. I count myself SO blessed to be a part of the launch team for this new book, and as a participant I had the privilege of getting my hands on an early release copy.

I am just digging in, but already am captivated by her story and am excited to glean from her real life wisdom on practically living out grace in marriage.

Grace, when life is good and GRACE when life is unbelievable messy.

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