Motherhood: My Last Wish

Jase2Today was the day. The moment that I looked down at my precious baby and realized that he’s not such a baby any more.

I watched him as he played. I studied his little toddler body. His body that was once  covered in sweet baby fat roles, but is now lean and strong from all of his running about.

I held him against my chest, remembering all those nights that he laid still, calm, snuggled tightly against my body, as if that is where he was meant to be. But, no longer does he lay still. No, he is too busy and rambunctious for many snuggles with mom.

I looked into his face to see the face of a little boy, not a baby.  He chatters, and giggles, and smiles that ornery smile that often means trouble.

And so I made one more wish and a promise. A promise that this wish would be my last. I wished that all those wishes I had made before would disappear.

The long nights that I WISHED so desperately for this phase of un-ending nursing and snuggles to come to an end.

And, the days I WISHED he could walk because my arms were so tired of carrying his chubby little body.

Those times I felt like I could get nothing accomplished, and I WISHED he needed me less.

I WISHED he would grow up.

Over and over again I blindly wished away moments that I now wish I would have treasured more dearly.

Time is fleeting. Each phase of motherhood unfolds a new challenge, and it is so easy for us to wish away each phase as we look hopefully ahead to an easier one. So, fellow moms, today, stop wishing. Cling on to each hard beautiful exhausting moment, knowing that one day you will wish for it back.

Soak it in. Cherish each moment today AND, make a promise to stop wishing.

James 4:14 “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”


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