Motherhood: For Those Expecting

 baby belly 1

I have been told that some of the things I write about Motherhood might be a little TOO much. A little TOO REAL for that mom, who is awaiting her precious baby, already fearful of the future at times. SO, to all my expecting mommy friends, this one is for you.

Maybe you as an expecting mom have read something I wrote and burst into tears thinking “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?” 

Maybe you have read something that I wrote and it contributed in some way to your fears that maybe, just maybe you will be insufficient as a mom.

Maybe you read something that made motherhood not seem as glamorous, or fun, or easy as it appeared in that parenting magazine you read while waiting for your prenatal check up.

Originally my thought was that I owe you an apology, but as I sit here trying to write, being interrupted a hundred times, placing children in time out for throwing toys and hitting siblings, the truth is I don’t. I can’t apologize for being honest.

All of the above things ARE true.

Sorry, but the reality is sometimes in this journey of motherhood you will wonder, “WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?!”

Sometimes you will cry because you don’t know what else to do.

Sometimes, motherhood will NOT be glamorous, or fun, or anything that appears beautiful.

Some days, you will be just plain exhausted.

And, some days, you will feel like it’s all been TOO much.

But, my friend, can I tell you another truth?

Can I tell you that despite the long nights of a sleepless new born waking, despite the spit up covered clothes, and the non-stop feedings, despite the days that are frustrating, the child who is disobedient, the toddler tantrum in the middle of the grocery store- despite all of it, I would do it all again in a heart-beat!

I can’t imagine my life without it. I never would wish to undo what has been done.

Because in all of the mess that is motherhood, there will be glimmers. Glimmers of hope, and beauty, and wonder that make all the rest of it SO worth it.

Like the moment you hold that child in your arms for the first time and realize God saw fit for you to be his momma. The love you feel for this little person that was knit together inside of your body. You just brought life into the world, and the fear you have felt washes away with the tears of joy streaming down your face.

The first time that baby smiles, or giggles and the worries of the world suddenly fade away.

When he reaches for you, or says “mama” for the first time.

The slobbery kiss or unexpected hug just because.

And then, as they grow, the unprompted “I love you” or “I’m sorry”- you realize you must be doing something right.

These small glimmers are game changers. They make motherhood what it is meant to be.

And you realize in that glimmer that God gives hope, His grace covers our insufficiency, and his plan for you to be mom is perfect. Give thanks to him for such a messy, but truly miraculous gift.

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights…”


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