Life:Hope in the Valley- Embracing the Disappointments

hard times

Anyone who has lived more than 2 seconds on this earth knows that this world is full of disappointments. Life does not always go the way we had hoped, the way we had prayed, the way we had planned. And, many times we don’t really understand why…

That is until later in life.

I was recently thinking about some of the disappointments in my life. Some of the times I really felt heartbroken or discouraged.

The boys that I prayed would love me, but never did…

The college I wanted to go to, but couldn’t afford…

The team I wanted to play for that I didn’t make…

The career I thought I would pursue, that did not work out…

The home I wanted to buy that was purchased for only a mere $1,000 more than our offer…
The people in my life that broke my heart and betrayed my trust…

I can remember many of these times very vividly. For me, they were difficult times. I didn’t understand WHY God would choose to not answer my prayers as I requested. Now, looking back, I am grateful!

That boy I prayed would love me, well the truth is, he probably wouldn’t have been the Godly husband I needed in my life. And, instead the Lord orchestrated a beautiful love story and gave me my husband. And, because of that, both of our lives have been forever changed! Now, I can’t imagine being with anyone except him.

That college I thought I wanted to go to, well, the truth is, I probably would not have been surrounded by the strong spiritual support system that I needed. And, because of that, I probably would have made some different choices that could have affected the rest of my life. Instead, the Lord placed me at a college where I received a priceless education, I built strong friendships, and I grew closer to Him because of the positive environment I was surrounded by.

The team I hoped I could play for, well, instead the Lord provided the opportunity for me to play at the college I attended. It was an amazing experience that pushed me to grow stronger, not only physically, but spiritually. And, I will be forever grateful for that team.

The career I wanted to pursue, well, the truth is it would probably not have been all I hoped it would be. It would not have worked well with my schedule as a mom, and instead I was able to pursue some other options that the Lord is using in my life today.

The home I wanted to buy that didn’t work out, well, the Lord orchestrated for us to buy a different home, and because of that home, we met great neighbors, who are now great friends. People that we needed in our lives.

Those people in my life that brought pain, well, I rarely think of it, because of that situation, the Lord placed different people in my life. People who I now could not imagine life without. And, I have found such freedom in those new relationships.

You see in all of the times that to me were “Valleys”, the times I wondered where God was at, why wasn’t He answering my prayers.

The truth is, He was. He was working amidst the disappointment to bring something even better.

So today, as you and I face discouragements. As you encounter disappointments in life. As your plans fall through and the things you thought or hoped or prayed would happen do not, know this, the Lord is working. You won’t see it today. You may not see it for a while. But He has a plan, and it’s better than your plan.

Trust Him even in the valleys today.

Don’t allow the discouragement, the disappointment, the hardship to rule your life, but instead look forward with hope! Because, I promise, God will work if you trust in Him.

Isaiah 40:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”


Trusting Him Today,



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