Hearing the Whisper: 4 Tips for Fighting off Satan’s Lies and Embracing the Truth and Calling of God

Hearing the Whisper

It had been a long day. The kind where everyone would have been a little better off if I had just been left alone to wallow in my grouchy spirit and self pity. BUT parenthood and alone don’t go well together, so that was not an option. I was running on little sleep from a waking baby the night before. I wasn’t feeling quite like myself. AND my emotions were definitely running on overdrive.

The day had been long.

And, as it came to a close, I heard the whisper- the whisper that had become all too familiar to me throughout the years.

“How could someone like you do something great?”

“You can’t. You can’t even maintain your own household, how will you change others lives?”

I knew my mood that day had affected my home. It had affected my husband’s mood and it had affected the day that my children experienced as well. I knew I had failed. I had fallen down.

“You ARE a failure,” the voice slowly whispered. “You are not capable.”

“You are NOT good enough.”

I found myself in tears as I listened to the words scroll through my brain like a never ending repeat cycle stuck on play.

You see, I recently have dreamed a dream; the dream that I believe the Lord has placed in my heart. A dream to change the lives of other’s by sharing the story that the Lord has given me. A dream to do more to help others. To offer love, and hope, and advice. AND, I even more recently have put that dream into action by writing, and planning, and praying.

AND, as in normal fashion, just when you are ready to do something for the Lord, that’s when the voice speaks.

Call it what you will, I usually call it Satan himself. After all, He is the prince of LIES.

The sad part is, for a moment, I believed the lies. And, like me, many of you have heard the voice and it froze you right in your tracks. Many times I have allowed the accuser to do just that, accuse me, and MANY times I’m sure it has prevented me from doing the things that the Lord has in mind for me to do.

Right at that moment when you and I are ready, ready to do what the Lord has called us to do, to change lives, to offer the hope of Christ to others; the enemy whispers lies. He magnifies your flaws and picks apart your imperfections. AND, by doing so he makes you doubt yourself, which ultimately leads to doubting the One who created you and called you.

As I said, I’ve heard the voice hundreds of times before.

BUT, here’s the difference; now, I know. I KNOW without a doubt that the lies are just that, LIES.

Have you ever experienced the whisper? The whisper of doubt, and darkness, and accusations?

Can I offer you some advice today?

Here it is:

#1 Pin point the lie, and call it what it is.

Sometimes in our minds the lies and the truth somehow intertwine and we can’t seem to separate the two. Part of pinpointing the lie is educating yourself with the truth. Know what God’s word has to say about you- that my friend is the ultimate truth.

#2 Replace the lie with a truth from Scripture

When you hear the voice say, “YOU CAN’T”, simply say, “but YES, I can, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)
When you hear the whisper that you are worthless, simply respond with the truth of the worth God has placed on your life. (John 3:16)

#3 Renew your mind daily
Spend time EVERY day filling your mind with God’s truth. Memorize it. Write it down. Listen to it via Christian music. Every. Single. Day.

Don’t allow whispers from the enemy to prevent you from carrying out whatever it may be that the Lord has called you to do. Be brave. Be courageous. Sometimes it’s scary to do something big, or even something little! BUT, DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO DO.

What other tips might you offer to someone who has experiences Satan’s seeds of doubt?

Praying for you today!


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