Life: Wait, It’s NOT About ME?!

not about me 

What is it about our human nature that automatically desires the attention of other’s to be about us?

I’m a big believer that this life is not about me. And, yet I recently found myself in this situation that I’m sure in some way or another you can relate to.

I am one of the worship music leaders at my local church and a large part of my job is leading vocally, AKA singing . I have been singing in front of small groups of people for as long as I can remember, so this Sunday was no different than any other. Here I am singing the line of a song that I’m sure went something like “It’s ALL about you Jesus.” …But in my heart, I found myself doing the opposite. Standing there in front of my church family thinking “wow, my voice sounds awesome today, wait until they hear this high note.” In that moment, it was ALL about me. There was nothing about what was going on in my head or heart that was about Jesus.

WOAH! Thankfully, the Lord brought it to my attention. I stopped myself in my tracks, and I made a change.

BUT, the thing is it’s not just that one time when I was singing that one song. It’s every accomplishment that every human being has ever experienced. That time you made the winning basket, or hit that home run. That time you got the promotion at work or made that financial investment that turned into bounty. That time you said the right words at the right time, when you were generous, or wise, or kind, or helpful.

For some reason, instead of giving God the credit, we so quickly and willingly take it ALL for ourselves.

Instead of pointing to God, the giver of every good thing we have, including our talents, and abilities, and financial blessings, we allow it to be about us.

And, when it’s about us, we so quickly forget about our Heavenly Father, who gave it all to us to begin with.

SO, my challenge for you and for me today is this: When you receive an accolade, get a “job well done”, accomplish something outstanding, or just receive thanks for that moment of generosity, or your willingness to help, STOP yourself and give God the glory and the credit! Remind yourself that without Him and the amazing gifts that He gives, you would not have those talents to display or those gifts to give.

Today, and every day, make it about Him!

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows.”

In His Grace,



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