Motherhood: Choosing to Cherish

I am a pretty real person when it comes to what I write. So, I often write about the challenges, the struggles of mommy hood; the things that make this journey so difficult that we as moms have no other choice but to look to God for our strength, for our help, for our joy. But, what about the good stuff. The things about mommy hood that are so beautiful and so amazing they point us directly to our Creator. After all, these things are a very real part of the journey as well.

What about those moments, that make us stop directly in our tracks and give thanks for the good. 
My daughter Riley’s 1st birthday
Those moments when you sit awake at 3 am, exhausted, rocking a newborn, only to glance down and see the smile wash over their face and suddenly a smile washes over yours as well….
The times when sweet baby snuggles are like a comfort to your soul, and there is nowhere else you would rather be…
That day when your baby says “momma” for the first time and you remember how joyful this journey can be…
The sound of little giggles that fill your home and at the same time fill your heart…
The first time they roll, and crawl, and stand, and then the highly anticipated very first step when you realize that the little life you are shaping is growing up right before your eyes…
That moment when you see that they actually understand something you have been working to teach them…
You watch as they live out kindness and love to those around them…
That tight squeeze around the neck and “mommy, I love you” whisper that seems to wash away the weight of the world…
My son Jase, starting to stand by himself for the fist time
There is beauty, friends. There is joy. There is something SO amazing about this journey. I cannot help but stop, right in my tracks, in the midst of my busy day, and say,”Lord, thank you.” I am amazed by the presence of the Lord on this journey, as He has allowed me to teach, to love, to raise these beautiful children that are ultimately His. They are His Creation.
Today, I encourage you to look for the moments, the moments that bring joy, the ones that fill your heart and then overflow as a smile upon your face, those motherhood moments that you will cherish forever. And, as you cherish the moments, cherish the Creator who gave them to you. Stand in amazement, not just of your beautiful babies, but of the God who created them in your womb, the one who gave them the ability to say that first word, the health to take that first step.

Live in those moments today, find joy, and give thanks.
Psalm 118:1 “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever.”

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…”

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